The official narrative claims that “cannons use gunpowder to shoot cannonballs at the target at a high speed”. But is that really what happens? And how do cannons, like the one in the picture above, shoot cannonballs? Small balls, maybe? And why is there no sign of gunpowder on the cannon? So many questions are unanswered, and we will try to answer them in this article.

All cannons are very clean and even with dirty cannons, you will not find any trace of gunpowder or anything that implies that these cannons shot anything, at least not with fire. These cannons don’t even look like they’ve been used before!

Do they even work?

In reality, these cannons don’t even work like the narrative claims how they are supposed to. Many have tried putting gunpowder in to shoot the cannonballs using the cannon, but all it did was break the cannons — sometimes even in half! The balls also come out very weak and they can’t even go through a stack of bricks without anything added to them. The narrative is completely false. Whoever made them is trying to pull us away from the truth! These cannonballs were simply added next to the cannons to make us believe their narrative and not think out of the box at what the true meaning might be.

The narrative gets even more ridiculous when you realize that not all cannons are the same. Some of them, like you see in the pictures, are curved with narrow holes or have different shapes entirely.

History is fake, and knowledge is power. The victors write the his-story. If you take away the knowledge from the people, you take away their power and they become easy to control.

The ancient civilizations were much more advanced than us, it is not them who were primitive, rather it is us. It is possible that the cannons were some kind of a frequency resonating weapon that shot frequency to destroy things like walls or ships like we see in these demonstrations people have done. Using electrostatic and standing waves, you can shoot air rings that have the power to destroy a wall with one shot!

Bell Metal

The metal that resonates the most is called “bell metal”. Isn’t it funny how bells and cannons use the same metal? Wikipedia will tell you that “bell metal was used to cast many early Spanish, Portuguese and ’Malay’ cannons.” This is more proof that cannons were used as frequency weapons. Additionally, bell metal is a form of bronze with a higher tin content, usually in approximately a 4:1 ratio of copper to tin (typically, 78% copper, 22% tin by mass).

If you’d like to learn more, check out this awesome video on the topic as well.

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