“AETHER”: The Water Which Connects Everything

Aether is the material supposed to fill the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. In mythology, it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals.

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Aether connects everything

The high civilization called Tartary was destroyed in the 20th century through floods, energy weapons, scheduled mass exterminations, and epidemics.

All the architecture and technology was then stolen and passed into the hands of Parasites, who falsified our past and created the current ignorant civilization.

In fact, aether is the element or matter that connects everything electromagnetically.

Aether is the set of all Universe ‘spheres’.

Atmosphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, lonosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere, Plasmasphere.

They all are Aether.

Aether is also the four elements — earth, water, air, fire.

They are the result from aether’s vibrations.

Aether is Water.

Aether is Earth.

Same word, same element.

Just another state of matter. Letters are shifted.

On the fictitious date of April-July 1887, a fictitious investigation led by the fictional scientists, Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley, intended to prove that the aether did not exist.

The fabricated Morley-Michelson experiment concluded that there was no aether.

It is in the shadow of this false experiment that the false theory of relativity by equally false Einstein, and all current science, rest.

They created a false science with ‘electrons’, quantum mechanics, the quantum field theory, and the theory of relativity.

The quantum theory and electrons were invented by rogue people and consecrated at a meeting in October 1927 — The Fifth Solvay Conference on Electrons and Protons, in Brussels.

All the scientists, including Mendeleev, whose names would glamorously fill the history books after our defeat, are false. All the fundamentals of modern technology were reared by the Previous Civilization.

Nothing was invented or discovered in the 19th-20th centuries. Everything already existed in the world empire that I call White Federation.

Aether connects everything

‘Tartaria’ is just a word to designate the Highly Advanced Civilization that existed before the current mediocre one and whose presence is blatantly visible in all of the whole world’s infrastructure, technology and architecture.

All cities located at strategic points on Earth — along canals, rivers, seas, lakes and oceans — were Star Fortresses and had electromagnetic energy extracted from the Aether.

The energy was generated through domes, towers and obelisks and distributed by the red and white striped power stations of the High Civilization lately called Great Tartaria. They always had a living water fountain or canal nearby.

Aether connects everything

We had a Highly Advanced Civilization 100% powered by Water-Aether.

Our body is 70% water. There is also plasma in it.

We are connected to aether through water.

Water is liquid crystal.

Water has memory.

All Star White Cities were associated with water and connected to the ocean through canals.

All canals were the result of refined engineering and some of them were up to 300km long.

All Star White Cities and canals were part of a giant system — the White Federation on Earth — later invaded and destroyed by the Atlantean-Olympian parasites.

All Star White Cities were designed by the Angels-Gods of our past — with advanced techniques in the fields of astronomy, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, metallurgy, architecture, agriculture and hydrology from their refined civilization.

From the sky they would design and build — at the very same time — in all the lands below.

From the sky they would determine where there would be ports, Star Fortresses, Power Stations, railroads, roads, lakes, aqueducts, bridges and canals.

  • Aether connects everything
  • Aether connects everything
  • Aether connects everything

The White Federation built a Water-Powered Civilization with all Star Fortresses, cities, and mechanical devices using aether-water as a fuel.

White was the colour of their cities and their flag. A symbol of water and purity. Therefore, all major cities would be surrounded by aquifers and canals — in order to be fed and cooled.

Aether connects everything

Even in the Amazon Rainforest, our ancestors set up small watercourses with natural design.

They are not ‘rivers’, they are canals artificially created by powerful machines, managed by our Previous Civilization.

Aether connects everything

The image show us the Paraná Copeá waters, in a photo taken by the Brazilian photographer, Ricardo Beliel.

The world is a gigantic water grid.

All canals were built at the same time as the cities.

When everything was ready, they were filled with water.

All canals were linked to the ocean’s salty waters.

Salty water is a good conductor of electricity.

Aether connects everything

As for example, the Pittsburgh canal.

The waters that feeds Pittsburgh are born on Lake Erie.

Lake Erie is connected with the salty waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence, in the North Atlantic Ocean.

In salty water, the electric current is conducted by molecules with electrical charge called ions (sodium and chlorine).

Sodium ion has a missing molecule, so has a positive charge.

Chlorine ion has an extra molecule, so has a negative charge.

In conductors like copper, the ions are able to flow through and carry the current.

Article series is based off the AETHER documentary by Marcia Ramalho.

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