About Us

Welcome to TARTARIA BRITANNICA, and thank you for joining us on this journey!

The aim of our community is to challenge what we know about our history. One’s personal understanding of history is fundamental to the perception of themselves and their place in the realm around them. And as we believe, there are three sides to a story: his-story, their story, and the Truth. As we are tragically aware and have learnt in school, the victor always gets to tell the tale. Over the years, things get taken as fact, when on most occasions there is more than one possible explanation.

e are an international team of dedicated researchers with a mix of different faiths, opinions, cultures, and are from all walks of life. We have collaborated to share our research and individual hypotheses on a variety of subjects. Our aim is to gain a broader perspective on the current narrative and engage in open debate. We now invite you to join the conversation.

aving launched in 2020, we have been diligently curating an extensive catalogue of the lesser known historical facts, along with as many fantastic tales and stories from of the old cultures as we can find. It is important to stress that we do not profess to have any firm answers, as who can really claim to know the full truth on any subject? Our aim is not to provide answers for you but instead to pose the same questions we’ve been asking ourselves. We feel that all opinions are valid and welcome as long as presented with the utmost respect for our fellow souls.

ou will see the term Tartaria often used in our research. It is important to note that this is a blanket term used in our discussions, eluding to a forgotten alliance that spanned many cultures and territories. It’s our aim to produce an extended article exploring Tartaria, the rich treasure trove that had been lost to history, at each moon, in addition to the daily posts on our other categories. Along the way we hope to shed more light on the subjects, and by looking at each piece of the puzzle together, we can understand their individual significance and historical merit.

Our Mythology category is there to explore some of the more outlandish tales locked away in our collective stories. We aim to analyse them and find their hidden meanings. But some will just be posted for the pure delight of knowing them.

In all cases, we will try to provide sources and credits for our posts where possible. In situations where we are unable to do so, we trust that collectively we can fill in the blank spaces. 

It is worth mentioning at this point that this site is for entertainment purposes, as any truths posted are purely coincidental. This is where we hand the torch of knowledge over to you, to make the final decision on how it enhances your reality.

We are always available for feedback, criticism, and above all, new related research challenges. Our doors are open if you would like to be involved in our community, we are only ever an email away at:


We hope you have as much enjoyment exploring our posts as we do researching them and we welcome you to our growing community.

We encourage healthy discussion surrounding these topics and only have three rules:

  1. To keep an open mind on all topics, no matter how unconventional.
  2. To challenge all information, including ours. A truth that is given to you will always be uncomfortable. A truth you discover for yourself becomes unshakable.
  3. To be respectful to one another. We all start our journeys from different points and we all have a unique view of our surroundings. All views are welcome and healthy debate is encouraged. However, we will not tolerate any disrespect to any persons or groups in the course of our research.

Please note that you will be joining the website in its beta form. We aim to grow the site organically relying heavily on user feedback.

Happy Exploring!